The öV Plus App – simply get there faster.

With this app, travellers can quickly find the best connection and buy the right ticket straight away. Because each person has individual travel needs, the öV Plus app can be customised to suit any personal requirements.

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Accessibility - an app for all

The consideration of all expressions of human abilities is supported in the app. Accordingly, impaired and elderly people have unrestricted access in the öV Plus app.

We want to prove this and are actively working on WCAG certification.

Accessibility - an app for all
Certified Mobile Apps

What can the öV Plus app do?

The öV Plus app has the following functionalities:


  • For the region: Single tickets and day passes, as well as multi-trip tickets and multi-day passes from community partners
  • Across Switzerland: Single fare tickets, reduced fare tickets, reduced fare day passes, class upgrades and city tickets
  • Simply pay with credit and debit cards, TWINT, Reka-Card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Swisscom Easypay

Live trip planner

  • Information in real time
  • From your location to any address in Switzerland
  • Upcoming departures from any stop (current location or favourites)

Traffic information

  • Up-to-date information about route changes, events or construction zones
  • Push notifications for your favourite routes

Map view

  • Special destinations such as bicycle rental stations, car parks, restaurants, cinemas, museums, embassies, and much more
  • Helpful information, such as temporary route and stop changes


  • Save stops and routes as favourites
  • Add your SwissPass
  • Digital wallet for tickets, multi-trip tickets and payment methods

Support needed?

We are currently creating new tutorial videos. However, if you have any questions about the app, feel free to contact us using the form below.

The App


Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Where can I find my personal settings?
You can find your personal details under “Wallet” -> “My profile”. In this area you can add and / or adjust payment methods, register fellow travelers and manage notifications and your personal settings. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to register dogs and bikes. However, we are working on it to provide you with an easy ticket purchase in the future.
Which tickets can I buy with the app?

In the öV Plus app there are different tickets, which you can buy directly in the app. The offer varies depending on the transport company and route. For example, you can purchase a one-way ticket, route ticket or a day ticket. In addition, multi-ride tickets and multi-day tickets are available from some transport companies. You can buy tickets for you and your companion for travel in 1st or 2nd class and at reduced or full fare.

A connection ticket can not be purchased via the öV Plus app at the moment. We are constantly expanding our functions and possibilities, as the needs of our passengers are of great concern to us.

Refund and transfer
Can I get a refund for a ticket purchased with the app?

The refund of tickets purchased in the app is possible according to the T600.9 tariff. Separate provisions apply to Supersaver tickets. The refund request must be made before the start of validity and a processing fee of CHF 10.– will be refunded. For refunds, please contact the sales outlets of the partners listed below or contact us via the contact form with the details of your ticket purchase.

Can I transfer Mobile Tickets that I have already purchased to another smartphone?

No, a Mobile Ticket is only valid on the smartphone on which it was purchased. Forwarding or copying is also not permitted and will be prosecuted if violated. The only exceptions are multi-ride tickets and multi-day tickets. These can be transferred to third parties - in the same way as paper tickets - using the SwissPass login or telephone number. To do this, you must know the identification to which you wish to transfer the ticket.

Do I have to enter the phone number or SwissPass e-mail address when transferring?

That depends on how the recipient of the multi-ride tickets or multi-day tickets has registered in the app. In the profile (under the name and date of birth), either a phone number or an e-mail address is specified. You must use this for the transfer.

Why can’t I transfer multi-ride tickets and multi-day tickets as a guest / anonymous?

Identification is required for the transfer of multi-ride tickets and multi-day tickets.

Validation of multi-ride ticket or multi-day ticket
I accidentally validated my trip twice on the multi-ride ticket or multi-day ticket, can I request a refund?

In principle, electronic tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. The same tariff regulations apply here as for paper tickets purchased at ticket machines.

You can prevent accidental double validation by activating “Confirm validation” in your profile. This way, you will be asked before each validation whether you definitely want to activate it.

How can I validate my multi-ride ticket or multi-day ticket?

When validating, it is important that the app has access to the location, as this is required for the validation. If the location display is deactivated for the use of the app, you can cancel this under “Settings” -> “öV Plus App”. It is possible that the location sharing is not set correctly and therefore the invalidation does not work.

Alternatively, there is also the possibility to insert the station manually (in this case, location sharing is not necessary). In this case, press on the mobile multi-ride map, then select “Search stop” in the upper right corner and enter it. Afterwards, the button “Validate 1 trip now” will turn dark blue again and the validation can be completed. You can also pin the preferred departure location to save it.

Possibly there was also a problem with the connection, mobile data is needed or WLAN. If the smartphone automatically connects to a public WLAN, there may also be problems.

Your ticket will then be created automatically and you can show the QR code.

Billing and Payment
What means of payment can I use to make a purchase in the app?

Currently, the following payment methods are accepted:

  • Apple Pay
  • MasterCard Kreditkarte
  • PostFinance Card
  • RekaCard
  • Samsung Pay
  • Swisscom Easypay
  • Visa Kreditkarte
My means of payment was not accepted. What can I do?

There may be something wrong with the details of your payment method. Perhaps the credit card has expired, the limit has been reached or the card has been blocked. Depending on the payment provider, there are also different additional security features; for example, the separate entry of a code or the release of bookings in an app. Contact us in case of problems via the or directly your payment provider.

Is it possible to generate a receipt for my purchased Mobile Ticket?

Yes, you only need to enter a valid e-mail address so that we can send you an automatically generated receipt in PDF format. You can have the receipt for tickets already purchased sent to you at any time using the additional actions.

I have not received a receipt. What could be the reason?

Please check that the email address you entered does not contain a spelling error and that you have activated the sending of the receipt.

The new SwissPass login
What can the new SwissPass login do?

As soon as you have logged in with the SwissPass login, the tickets are referenced with the SwissPass login. If you change your smartphone, the tickets will be loaded directly on the new device after a new login. Tickets such as multi-ride tickets or previously purchased route tickets are directly available again. In addition, the SwissPass details can be adjusted directly via the jump from the öV Plus app. You can also store your SwissPass card as a SwissPass Mobile in the app and show it when needed.

Can I buy tickets without a SwissPass login?

Yes, it is still possible to buy tickets anonymously as a guest without a SwissPass login. However, you need to provide an e-mail address so that we can send the receipts.


Do you have any comments or questions? You can reach us here: